Gabriel Amatller first made chocolate in 1797 in calle Manresa in Barcelona’s Born district.

In 1878 AntoniAmatller, at the age of 36 and after having travelled throughout Europe visiting the continent’s most important chocolate factories, ordered the construction of a new factory in what was the neighbouring town of St. Martí de Provençals, today part of Barcelona’s Poblenou district, leaving the company’s offices and warehouse in the original factory.

The new factory was equipped with the most modern equipment of the time. This enabled Chocolate Amatller to produce chocolate of the highest possible quality, helping Amatller to become the leading chocolate manufacturer in Spain at the end of the 19th Century.
Above: an etching of the Amatller factory in 1887. Architect: Pere Bassegoda.

1st row. Left: the cocoa stored in the warehouse. Right: the cocoa toasting machines.

2nd row. Right: where the toasted cocoa was milled, creating cocoa liquor. Left: the room for mixing and refining. The mixers used big granite stones to refine the chocolate.

3rd row. Left: moulding room: the chocolate, once deposited into the mould, is churned to spread it out evenly and a grid is then applied to create the traditional “onzas” (one ounce) chocolate bars. Right: the fridge, where the formed bars are cooled before being wrapped.
In 1915 the Amatller factory produced around 11,000 kilos of chocolate a day, using cocoa that came from Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador (Guayaquil), the island of Bioko in Equatorial Guinea (previously Fernand Poo) and from Ceylon.

To refrigerate the chocolate, the factory had two ice machines, which made 4,000 kilos of ice an hour.

Up to 150 employees worked in the factory, which was divided into different sections: the warehouse for cocoa and other basic ingredients, the toasting room, the cocoa milling room, the room for blending and refining, the room for mixing and moulding, the room for wrapping the chocolate, the refrigerated room and the lithography and typography office.
(From left to right: the evolution of the factory in SantMartí de Provençals from 1900 to 1927)
The period between 1878 and the start of the Spanish Civil War represented the glory years for the Amatller factory in Barcelona, which was enlarged several times according to etchings found among the company’s documents. In 1924 a new factory was opened in Banyoles (Girona). Both factories remained in operation until the 60s. It was then, following the death of Teresa Amatller,who left no heir and was the last of the Amatller family to lead the company, that the Amatllerbrand was bought and re-sold several times until it was acquired in 1972 by Chocolates Simón Coll. The Coll family company, now in its sixth generation of dedication to chocolate, has been producing Chocolate Amatller for the last 40 years, following the brand’s tradition and with a commitment to a future based on innovation.
The room where the Amatller chocolate bars were wrapped. The Banyoles factory (Girona)
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